Clio Area Amphitheatre
Post Office Box 532
Clio, MI  48420

Clio Amphitheatre Vital Stats:

Seating Capacity: 2130 Reserved Seats
1100 General Admission Seats
Typical Season: 20-25 Shows in the Summer/Fall
50,000+ Tickets
Special POS Needs: Large Volunteer Staff
Internet Ticketing
About the Clio Amphitheatre

The Clio Area Amphitheatre is an outdoor performing arts facility with an over all seating capacity of 3130 seats, with 2130 of those being reserved seating.

Clio holds typically 20-25 shows per season for their Summer Concert Series, with an annual paid attendance of over 50,000 patrons.

There are three concession stand areas in the Amphitheatre that serve hot dogs, popcorn, soft drinks and other fare typical of snack bars..

New System for 2004

For the 2004 season, Clio Area Amphitheatre chose to replace their Ticket Master system with NCS's new program, Tick-It! Trak Pro .  The Trak Pro system provided a Point Of Sale (POS) for serialized ticketed entry, ticket validation and redemption, census head counting and transaction reporting.  The system proved to be a very big improvement over the operations involved using Ticket Master.  Phone orders could be processed, have seats assigned, tickets printed for pickup or delivery, and credit cards authorized by the time the customer's phone call was finished.  In the first four hours of operation on opening day, over $41,000 in sales were conducted, mostly by volunteer staff.

Benefits from Replacing Ticket Master with Trak Pro were:

  • Direct Internet Ticketing using NCS ASP Web Applications
  • Improved Cash Flow, as Revenues from Tick-It! Trak Pro sales are available right away.  No waiting for a 3rd party to release funds.
  • More Detailed reporting for Marketing and Accounting usage
  • Weather Condition Logging for tracking Amphitheatre Attendance vs. Temp / Rain / Etc.
  • Merging of Customer, Prospect and Volunteer Databases with the Ticketing Operations.  Repeat customers are processed quickly.
  • Recording and Tracking Souvenir and Concession Sales with Tick-It! Trak Pro
  • Reduced Man-hours for processing On-Line Internet, phone and mail order sales


Sadly, the Clio Area Amphitheatre is no longer in operation.  In a surprising and completely unexpected move, the Board of Directors decided to cease operations in the very middle of the 2005 season.  The exact reasons for this decision remain unclear to this day, however, we can tell you that the ticketing system was running fine, and in fact set several single day sales records for the venue.  This move left patrons, vendors and performers puzzled and frustrated.

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