The Moon Nightclub
1105 East Lafayette Street
Tallahassee, Fl. 32301

Moon Nightclub Vital Stats:

Seating Capacity Can Vary by Event, Ranging from
300 to 1000 Reserved Seats
Various levels of General Admission Seats
Typical Season: 25 Events
15,000+ Tickets
Special POS Needs: Internet Ticketing
The Moon first begin using NCS Tick-It! software in 1994, with Tick-It! FOR DOS. Yes, they started with the DOS Based version of our ticketing system nearly a quarter of a century ago!  They had continually upgraded culminating with Tick-It! Trak Pro in 2012.  Along the way, the Moon began using a third party service for internet ticketing, which WAS NOT integrated with their existing Tick-It! Trak Pro system. This internet service was discontinued at the end of its contract term (in 2017) for unsatisfactory performance.  In order to restart their season with internet ticketing, the Moon elected to augment their existing Trak Pro system for integrated web sales.

The challenges at the Moon largely entailed setting up their new web server, and training their staff to use the new internet features of the system that they had used for years.

The Moon can now sell Tickets, charge various Fees, and sell Special Memberships all from the same system. Reporting is available in house, as well as on the internet 24/7.
The Moon

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