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Makers of Box Office and Point of Sale Software

Makers of Box Office and Point of Sale Software


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We understand that when a program does not do what you expect, this is a frustrating experience for you. At NCS, our goal is your complete satisfaction and confidence in our products. When a problem arises while using one of our products, we would like to know about it. In order to help us help you, it is important to give as much information as possible regarding the problem/error you are having, including specific error codes or messages, as well as steps that cause the problem to repeat! Those are very important, as without them, we might not be able to re-produce and diagnose the problem you are experiencing.

Please provide the following contact information (be sure to fill in the fields if you want a reply):

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Please provide the following product information:

Product Name
Version Number
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Serial or Activation Number
Operating System

Description of Problem, including any error codes or messages you are seeing:

IMPORTANT! Please list the SEQUENCE OF STEPS needed to reproduce the error or problem:

Please list any other information regarding your computer hardware or environment that might aid us in determining the cause of the problem. For example, if you are using a thermal printer, then list the make, model and driver being run.