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EMV Processing and Tick-It! Trak Pro Using MPS

As you are probably aware, Oct 1st, 2015 was a milestone date for Credit Card Processing.  That was the date where liability passed from processor to merchant for credit card breaches on Point Of Sale systems that did not offer an “out of scope” solution for “card present” sales.

We are sure that you have many questions. What does all that mean?  What is “Out of Scope”?  What do I have to do? Do I need to change things with my Trak Pro Point of Sale system?

Let’s settle the most urgent questions first…

No, you do not have to do anything RIGHT NOW.  As this is written (late 2015), your Point Of Sale system will continue to accept credit card payments as it always did, and nothing will suddenly stop working.  Since this is past Oct 1st as we write this, you have probably figured that part out, but if you are a seasonal merchant, we thought we needed to let you know, in the event you start processing again for the coming Holiday shopping season.

What HAS changed is that you will bear more responsibility for chargebacks and fraud, if you continue to run Trak Pro without updating your credit card readers.

What the Credit Card Processors have united around is the concept of an “Out Of Scope” Point of Sale system.  What this means is simply a point of sale system that never touches any actual credit card information during the course of a transaction.  This is done with specialized card reading equipment that “encrypts” or “scrambles” the information read from a credit card magnetic stripe or smart chip.  Basically, all the POS can see is “gobblety goop”, instead of actual credit card numbers.  Your current magnetic stripe readers are simple “keyboard wedge” character injectors.  When you swipe a card, it is as if you typed everything on the card using the keyboard.  You can see this for yourself, just open NOTEPAD in Windows and swipe your own credit card.  This sort of swiper is now considered to be UNSECURE and OBSOLETE.

This is what you should plan on doing in the near future, at the earliest time that your organization’s schedule and budget will allow:

You need to upgrade your scanners, and reconfigure your credit card communications so that your Trak Pro Point Of Sale becomes “out of scope”.

In order to implement Trak Pro as an “out of scope” solution, you will have to follow these overall steps:

1.    Get the latest software from us, NCS.  This is the easiest part, as it already happened automatically during our last update release, which was on 10/16/2015.  If your system did not download the update, be sure to turn AUTOMATIC UPDATES on in the ADMIN Module, or manually check for updates from the same.

2.    Decide if you are going full EMV with “smart card” support, or if E2E and Tokenization is sufficient for you.  A chat with MPS will help you decide.

3.    Get a NEW Mercury account, one that is set up to handle End To End Encryption (E2E) and Tokenization (plus EMV, if desired).  IMPORTANT: If you’re running a Trak Pro web ticketing portal, be sure to RETAIN your existing MPS account that the website will use. The website by definition is entirely manual entry from folks at home, so the standards for these new readers do not apply to it.

4.    Obtain the compatible Chip Card Readers.  Right now, your ONLY choice is the VeriFone VX-805.  This is not as simple as just buying one from eBay.  Each individual Chip Reader is “injected” with an encryption key specifically for each merchant and processor.  So, buying a used one from someone else will not work until the device is “injected” with your key for MPS. NCS will have these readers pre-configured as soon as the supply catches up with the demand.  For budgeting, plan on about $350.00 each for the readers we support.

5.    Designate one of your machines as the Credit Card Processor “go between”.  When using complete end to end encryption or full EMV, it is no longer allowed for each POS station to manage its own communication with the credit card processor.  Now, ONLY ONE machine will actually talk to MPS, and all the OTHER stations on your network will talk to THAT one.  The computer designated as the “go between” will have to have a personalized copy of an application called NETePay installed and configured.  Then, all of your stations will have to refer to that one for processing.

6.    Set up a time to coordinate the switchover with us and MPS.  Sadly, with this newer, higher security environment, the setup is now more complex, and both NCS and MPS are going to have to walk each customer through the conversion case by case.  I know both our staff and yours will come to miss the relative convenience of the prior communication protocol.  It was way easier to just get a USB mag stripe reader and type in your MPS account and go to town.  Those days are gone.  Ugh.


VeriFone VX-805

Verifone VX-805Pictured here is the VX-805 card reader from Verifone. It is designed as a “customer facing” device, meaning that the operator need not touch it at all, unless the consumer is having an issue using it.

As you can see, it has a conventional mag stripe reader on the side, and a “smart card” slot at the bottom.  What you can’t see is the Near Field Contact (NFC) reader near the upper left corner, which will read RFID and Apple Pay and Google Wallet “tap and go” technologies.

It has a reasonably sized LCD panel for large, easy to read instructions to be displayed to the consumer, and very prominent “Green GO, Red NO” buttons.

This unit attaches to the POS terminal via a standard USB port, so installation is a snap.


This unit, brand new with appropriate key injection for use with MPS is about $350.00.

Yes, they are cheaper used on eBay, but have some other processor’s key, so you will have to send the unit to a key authority for injection, making them less of a deal.


New Network Configuration with NETePay from Datacap Systems.

Datacap Systems, the leader in Point of Sale Payment technology has released the “go between” software that allows all of your in house point of sale stations to be completely “out of scope”.  This software is called NETePay, and as mentioned earlier, acts as the mediator of all credit card communications between the processor and your individual Point of Sale workstations.  Here is a diagram to help illustrate this:

This software must be installed on a computer that is available at all times. As such, NCS recommends that you install the NETePay software on the machine that is running as your SQL Server.  Since Trak Pro depends upon your SQL Server, it must already be a machine that is available all the time for your operations.

Sadly, the NETePay software setup is not without wrinkles, and it must also be keyed to your installation. This will require coordination with MPS, NCS and your IT staff.