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Makers of Box Office and Point of Sale Software

Makers of Box Office and Point of Sale Software


Frostburg State University Cultural Events Series

Frostburg State University Cultural Events Series
101 Braddock Road
Frostburg, MD 21532


Frostburg State Vital Stats:

Seating Capacity Multiple Venues, Ranging from
300 to 2500 Reserved Seats
Various levels of General Admission Seats
Typical Season: 25 Events
15,000+ Tickets
Special POS Needs: Internet Ticketing
Info Desk Service Fees
Frostburg State University first begin using NCS Tick-It! software in 1998, with Tick-It! 97. They had continually upgraded culminating with Tick-It! 2K in 2002.  At that time, Frostburg began using a third party service called CyberSEATS for internet ticketing integrated with their existing Tick-It! 2K system. This internet service was discontinued at the end of its contract term (in 2005) for unsatisfactory performance.  In order to restart their season with internet ticketing, Frostburg switched to an entirely web based ticketing service, E-Tix.

The challenges at the Frostburg were many. First, the staff had a long history using NCS Software, going back to one of the earliest versions of the company’s box office software. The newer Trak Pro system was significantly different, and the smoothest possible transition from one system to the other had to be worked out. Second, Frostburg had gotten its many customers used to the idea that Internet based ticketing would be available around the clock. With the demise of the CyberSEATS service, Frostburg management was looking for a “rock solid” integrated system from a single vendor, so that there could be no “finger pointing” should any problems present themselves. Frostburg  also required the ability to collect other fees and various service charges, in addition to just selling tickets.

Based on a positive nine year relationship, Frostburg  opted to upgrade their box office system to a complete Trak Pro installation from New Concepts Software, Inc., with optional Inventory and Package Modules, as well as the web based ticketing system. By bringing the web based ticket sales onto their “in house” server, communication time lags were removed, as there was no “third party” server to facilitate internet transactions. Internet sales reliability was dramatically improved, and Frostburg  was actually able to collect two thirds of the fees from their internet sales, instead of paying the entire amount to a third party. This boosted the cash flow of on-line sales for the Cultural Events Series. With improved internet reliability and reduced per ticket fees, internet transactions now average about 15% of ticket sales by dollar volume.

Frostburg can now sell Tickets, charge various Fees, and sell Special Memberships all from the same system. Reporting is available in house, as well as on the internet 24/7.

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